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About Our Roofing Company

At Thompson Roofing LLC, we’re not here to chase after your buck or give you a headache. Instead, our team focuses on giving you the best experience possible every time. What sets us apart from other roofing companies is our incredible expertise and customer care. That’s where our reputation as Florence’s top roofer comes from!

We build upon our reputation every day by offering superior roofing services in every job. Our dedicated team has years of hands-on experience in all areas of roofing, including spot repair and gutter installation. We build trust with our customers so that they can feel empowered to communicate their concerns with us. High-quality work and customer relationships are the basis of every project we take on.


Every roofing project requires open lines of communication for success. Our team stresses clear communication at every level of the company, and especially with our clients. This includes keeping you informed on the status of your project, our next steps, and any pitfalls we run into. If you have unique requests for your roof or want some questions answered, then we can help. We explain all our roofing processes in layman’s terms so you’re never confused about the status of your roof.


Thompson Roofing LLC tackles the next roofing project with the same level of dedication that we had for the last one. We know that you depend on us to keep your assets and your family safe. That’s why we give our undivided attention to all steps of your roofing project, from planning and development to consultations and installations. 


When it’s time to finally step onto your roof and start our project, we don’t dawdle. Instead, our roofing professionals take care of your home quickly and efficiently. Thanks to years of roofing experience and hundreds of roofing projects, we know how to fix your roof quickly. We emphasize efficiency because we know you want your life to get back to normal ASAP.

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